One Country Sweepstakes Reviews

One Country Sweepstakes Reviews 2024

One Country Sweepstakes Reviews

One Country is a member-based platform that provides sweepstakes and prizes to encourage individuals to contribute towards their local communities. One Country is in operation since 2017 and boasts more than 1 million members.

One Country reviews are generally positive. On Trustpilot, the company holds 4.5 stars on over 1200 reviews. Customers who have tried One Country like the wide range of prizes, the ease of entry, and the company’s commitment to give back.

There are a few negative reviews for One Country. A few people are unhappy with the expensive cost of membership and insufficient transparency regarding how winners are selected. Others have stated that they’ve never received an award, even after making multiple entries.

In general, One Country seems to be a legitimate sweepstakes business. It is nevertheless crucial to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before participating in any sweepstakes. Also, be aware that you will not win.

Here are some of the pros and cons of One Country sweepstakes:


  • A variety of prizes are offered
  • Easy to enter
  • Company is committed to giving back
  • Positive reviews from most users


  • High cost of membership
  • Some users have never won a prize
  • Lack of transparency about how winners are chosen

If you’re considering participating in the One Country sweepstakes, I suggest you review the terms and conditions attentively and be aware that you won’t. It is also possible to review other reviews to understand the brand’s credibility better.

One country sweepstakes reviews reddit

There are a handful of Reddit threads that discuss One Country sweepstakes. A few people have had good experiences with the site, and others have expressed concern about its legitimacy.

One user on the r/Scams subreddit wrote: “I think One Country is a scam. I’ve been entering their sweepstakes for months and I’ve never won anything. Plus, their terms and conditions are really confusing and it’s hard to tell what you actually have to do to win.”

Another user on the r/I Am A subreddit wrote: “I won a trip to Italy from One Country. It was a really great experience and I’m glad I entered the sweepstakes. The process was pretty straightforward and I didn’t have any problems.”

Ultimately, deciding whether or not One Country is a legitimate sweepstakes site is up to you.

One country sweepstakes reviews Yelp

There are no reviews of the One Country sweepstakes on Yelp. However, there are some reviews of country music radio stations that offer sweepstakes, such as Go Country 105 in West Los Angeles and KAT Country 103 in Stockton, California.

One country sweepstakes reviews BBB

One Country has a 4.1-star rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has 10 reviews from customers. The most recent review was positive, with the author stating, “love what One Country is doing and the stories of the winners that they share, excellent all around! “.

There are, however, some negative reviews that mention issues in customer care. One reviewer claimed they never could claim their prize after winning an online sweepstakes.

A second reviewer claimed that they were approached with a message from One Country multiple times after removing themselves from their email addresses list.

In general, all BBB reviews of One Country are positive. But it’s essential to be aware of negative reviews before registering for their sweepstakes.

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