What is One Country?

This is where the country meets to offer you exclusive content, the largest giveaways, and unique items from a few of the most popular brands in southern and country life, all delivered via our 1C App. Members automatically get into all giveaways during their membership.

In addition to other benefits offered to members within the app, members also receive a “volunteer challenge” every month within their inboxes that highlights an opportunity for non-profit organizations or a simple act of service they could participate in to earn more entries.

It’s a chance to gamble to change their lives as well as make an impact on the lives of someone else.

What is one country giveaway?

One Country Giveaway is a website that hosts different giveaways for its members. These giveaways range from cash prizes to vehicles and dream homes. To enter a giveaway, you must be a member of One Country and complete the required entry steps.

How does One Country giveaway work?

Your entries are automatically entered into the giveaway for each month! For instance, if you sign up for a membership of $15 per month with 300 entries, you will automatically receive 300 entries in every monthly giveaway.

What happens if the contest runs for three months? This means you’ll have an accumulated 900 entries when we choose one winner! Go to the account to observe the magic happening.

is one country legit?

Yes, One Country is a legitimate company. It is a non-profit corporation established in 2009 and located in Rogers, Arkansas. It is accredited, received an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau, and has over 100,000 members.

is one country a scam

It is difficult to decide the definitive truth about whether or not One Country is truly a fraud. The evidence is in both directions to back the debate. If you are considering using One Country, conducting your own investigation and weighing the pros and cons with care is crucial.

Who owns one country sweepstakes

One Country Sweepstakes is owned by One Country, a digital media company that concentrates on southern lifestyle and country music content. The company was established in 2012 and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. One Country Sweepstakes is one of the most popular products, and it has awarded millions of dollars worth of prizes to country music fans.

is one country giveaway legit

One Country is a legitimate company giving away prizes since 2015. They have a BBB rating of A+ and have been accredited since 2020. They have also been featured in several news articles and have a large social media following.

Are the one country sweepstakes real?

Yes, the One Country sweepstakes are real. They are a reputable sweepstakes firm that has been around for over 10 years. They have earned a fantastic standing and have been featured in magazines such as The Better Business Bureau.

What type of business is one country com?

One Country is a lifestyle brand and community platform catering to country music lovers. They offer many different products and services such as:

  • Exclusive content: One Country creates exclusive content exclusively for its members, including podcasts, videos, and articles.
  • Giveaways: One Country hosts giveaways that offer prizes like vehicles, trips, and products.
  • Community: One Country has a vibrant online community where fans can meet and share their love for country music.
  • Radio: One Country operates a live radio station that plays music from the country genre all day.

One Country aims to “bring country music fans together” and “celebrate the country lifestyle.” They are a favorite destination for country music fans of all age groups.

What happens if one country cancels my account?

You acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to any ownership rights in your Account. One Country may stop offering the Service along with the Software and Sites (including Exclusive and General Member Content) at any point. Furthermore, One Country may cancel your Account at any time.

One Country may delete all of your Registration Data and any other information you’ve submitted through these Sites (collectively, “User Content”) connected to the Account you have created at any point without notice, regardless of the motive or no reason whatsoever, including but not exclusion, your violation of these terms-of-use.

You agree that One Country will not be responsible for any damage or losses resulting due to the deletion of User Contents from Sites as well as the Software and/or the Service or the cancellation of any Account or the deletion of any Registration Information, and you waive One Country from all claims for such loss.

It is your responsibility to cancel the Account at any time. May end your membership at any point, and your cancellation will become effective immediately upon you notify One Country of the cancellation, which you must send at the address of One Country.

One Country reserves the right to restrict temporarily or permanently or prohibit access to the Websites, the Software, or Service, in addition to any content contained therein (including General Content, Exclusive Membership, or User Content) for any user whose accounts are removed.

How to cancel one country membership

You may cancel one country membership by sending an email to: support@onecountry.com.